Corporate Wellbeing Case Study: Postal Company

The highlights

  • 35 fitness centres
  • Zero cost to the business
  • Membership from £2 per week
  • Digital services

The project

A large nationwide postal company had 35 fitness centres UK wide. In 2002  they were all being managed and funded internally. It was decided, however, that this was no longer a cost that it wanted to bear, so it performed a cost-saving exercise.

The solution

Energy Fitness Professionals took control of 35 fitness centres for the organisation, helping remove the cost that the company was paying. A small membership fee for each member was brought in, in most cases as low as £2 per week.

EFP also supplied reduced cost fitness equipment to those sites that needed modernisation. This included, in some cases, donating equipment if the site was unable to fund this. A manager was recruited at each centre to ensure the facility would run smoothly, and to promote the fitness centres to increase their membership and profit.

Each centre now offers fitness inductions, personal training, health checks and personal programmes, and some offer classes. EFP also supplies each site with weekly workouts and monthly challenges that the onsite instructors promote to the members, as well as regular health events, such as blood pressure awareness and back care week.

Services offered

  • Inductions
  • Health checks
  • Lifestyle consultations
  • Personal programmes
  • Classes
  • Sports and social activities
  • Personal training
  • Dedicated instructor programmes
  • Digital services
  • Weight management courses
  • Healthy heart programme
  • Cholesterol and glucose testing
  • Bodystat testing
  • GP referral programme


“The decision to outsource the management of the fitness centres has meant that all of our sites are operated with a professional uniformity throughout, something that was missing prior to Energy Fitness Professionals’ appointment. This has provided us with a real financial saving and peace of mind that all of our sites are now being operated correctly.”

Wellbeing Manager, Distribution Company

Benefits under EFP

Since Energy Fitness Professionals won this contract, the number of self-funded fitness centres has risen from 18 to 25, including three brand new facilities. These fitness centres are running at no cost to the organisation, which continues to offer fitness facilities to over 7,000 staff members UK wide for an average of £2.30 per week.