Digital services that give your employees a gym in their pocket

Wellbeing is now front and centre in the minds of all and a well thought out workplace wellbeing programme is high on the to-do list for all workplaces and companies, enabling:

  • Fitter and healthier staff: Fitter staff will miss less work and be more productive during work hours
  • Recruitment of better staff: You will be more attractive to potential recruits if you offer wellbeing as part of your benefits package
  • Development of a workplace community: Help your distributed team feel part of something bigger


Services include:

  • Creation of a wellbeing brand for your business
  • Dedicated app on iOS and Android
  • Dedicated web portal for your company
  • No need for in-house expertise – we take care of everything for you from IT and wellbeing service development to support on reporting, insurance and GDPR
  • Range of fitness and wellbeing support for mind, nutrition and exercise:
    • Mind: Meditation, habit building, community groups and health events
    • Nutrition: One-to-one sessions, recipe library, cook-alongs, health events, online food diary and meal plans
    • Exercise: Live classes, daily mobility sessions, one-to-one sessions, exercise library, programme library, activity competitions and on-demand video