If you are thinking of opening a new corporate fitness centre or upgrading your existing gym we will visit your location free of charge to:

  • Audit: Audit current wellbeing practices and any current fitness initiatives
  • Discuss: Discuss the space available for a fitness centre, a gym or other services and how you can operate the facility to maximise engagement
  • Create: Create floor plans, example equipment lists and video fly-throughs of your potential facility


We can then support you through a step-by-step process to deliver your facility:

  • Understand your requirements: We help you define your needs and put a plan in place to meet them
  • Space: We will work with you to ensure you have the correct space available
  • Design: We will provide plans for the space, equipment and look of the fitness centre
  • Procurement: We can procure from all the major equipment providers and offer a trade discount
  • Services: We provide a range of services, making sure the correct ones for your members are available
  • Management model: We offer flexible management and funding models
  • Mobilisation: We provide a live mobilisation dashboard to show you the project being developed
  • Staffing: We will recruit, train and manage expert staff to deliver the service


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