Totally Healthcare awarded key new contract in the Republic of Ireland

Derby, 28 June 2021: Totally, a leading provider of a range of healthcare services across the UK, has announced a new contract award for Totally Healthcare, its business providing insourcing services to the healthcare sector in the UK and Ireland.

The contract covers the provision of endoscopy procedures to six hospitals within The Saolta Group of Hospitals in Galway, Republic of Ireland.  The contract is focused on the reduction of patient waiting lists, which have increased significantly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The contract commences in July 2021 and runs until March 2022.

Wendy Lawrence, CEO of Totally, said: 

I am very pleased to announce Totally Healthcare's largest contract to date, providing endoscopy procedures to six hospitals within the Saolta Group of Hospitals in Galway.

The pandemic has put immense pressure on the UK and Ireland's healthcare sector and, as a result, there are significant numbers of patients awaiting treatment. In England alone, there are believed to be circa 5 million patients on waiting lists for various procedures.

Totally Healthcare was launched specifically to address this issue and to reduce waiting lists in trusts and hospitals across the UK and Ireland by utilising their spare capacity outside of normal working hours and weekends. The business has made significant strides since its launch in October 2019 and now, further to this new contract in the Republic of Ireland, Totally Healthcare is also operating across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Totally Healthcare benefits from a management team with vast insourcing experience and, leveraging Totally's position as a leading healthcare provider, plus the Group's strong relationships with NHS commissioners in the UK and Health Service Executive (HSE) commissioners in the Republic of Ireland, we expect Totally Healthcare to continue to grow at pace and widen its footprint across the UK and Ireland.

I look forward to updating the market on further progress in due course.